Make a Payment

As an added convenience for the Residents of River Woods, you may make debit/credit card payments through a third party vendor, Zego This service may be used for items such as your Association Dues, Insurance, and other miscellaneous fees that Homeowners are responsible for. Using this service carries additional fees as follows:

Using a Debit/Credit Card: 3.5% + Service Fee of $2.95 (total rounded to next .95 increment)

Pay Using Checking Account via ACH: $2.95*

Calling PayLease & Make Phone Payment: $9.95**


Debit/Credit Card: 3.74 + Service Fee of $2.95 (total rounded to next .95 increment).

Pay using Checking Account via ACH: $3.15.

Calling PayLease & Make Phone Payment: $9.95 (no change in fee)

NSF Fees: $25.00 Charged to Payer.

Fees subject to change.

To make a payment, you may visit

Please be aware that to begin using this option you will have to register before you are able to make payments. Please fill out the Registration Form completely as this will avoid any confusion when we process your payment. When creating a new account, you will need to provide specific information including your name, address, phone number, house number (the numeric portion of your full address), email address and also create a password. One of the last field is the field labeled "Property". In this field, you will want to make sure it reads "Townhouse Villages At River Woods". When you have completed the Registration Form, click Homeowner, 'Create Account' and follow the on-screen instructions. In the 'search' box enter River Woods and from the drop down select Townhouse Villages at River Woods.

Once you create your account you will want to save the email address you used to setup your account as well as the password because you will need these two items to log in to the payment system in the future.

Please note that payments process in 3 business days.

*Townhouse Villages at River Woods offers a free ACH payment option to homeowners, where your Monthly Association Fees are pulled directly from your checking account. To sign up for this program, fill out the ACH form which can be found under the Documents section of this site.

**To make a payment via phone, you can do so by calling 1-866-729-5327 and choosing Option 1. ( If you decide to use this phone method please remember there is an additional $9.95 charge that you incur.)

LATE PAYMENTS WILL STILL APPLY TO PAYMENTS RECEIVED ON THE 10TH AND 20TH OF THE MONTH. Payments must be received in the office by the 9th and or 19th to avoid late fees.