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Townhouse Villages at River Woods Homeowners Association Documents

Listed below are a number of important documents for the use of the residents of the River Woods Homeowners Association. Each of the documents is in PDF format for easy viewing and/or downloading and printing so they can be filled out and submitted for their intended purpose. Please feel free to give us a call if you have any questions or concerns or need help in filling out a specific form.


Each of the documents/forms shown below will require Adobe Reader or an equivalent to view and/or print. If needed, please visit This Link to download. To save any of the documents locally, right-click the document and then Save As. At this point, you can pick where to save it.

HOA Articles of Incorporation


Here is a current copy of the Articles of Incorporation for the HOA. This will provide you with the Articles that the HOA is Incorporated under in the State of Minnesota.

HOA By-Laws

            The By-Laws are specific information regarding the running of the HOA by the Board of Directors.

HOA Declaration of Covenants

Here are current copies of the Declaration of Covenants as well as the Supplement for the  HOA. This outlines Declaration of the Association.

Amendments to Declaration of Covenants

From time to time, the Board of Directors amends the Declaration of Covenants for various reasons. Below are copies of all current Amendments.

HOA Rules & Regulations

Below are PDF's regarding the Rules and Regulations that residents (both Owners and Residents) are to adhere to when living in the HOA as well as those visiting the HOA. Please read and understand these rules and regulations. Also, below, is a document specific to the Rules and Regulations regarding Homeowners with pets in the HOA. This document should also be read and understood by all pet owners in the HOA. 

2024 Pool Rules 
Renter & Roommate Resolution
Master Policy/HO6 Insurance Coverage Letter
Late Fee and Collection Policy for Homeowners

All About Ice Dams!
River Woods HOA  Address Map

Below is an aerial map of the  HOA neighborhood. This map outlines the specific location of each street address that lies within the association. Please click the PDF to expand and view.

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