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THE VILLAGER - September 2019

334 River Woods Lane, Burnsville, MN 55044

PH: 952-894-4368    FX: 952-808-6900 Email:

Office Hours Mon. – Thurs. 8:30am-4:00pm Friday 9:00am-12:00pm

Reminder the office is closed from 8/30-9/2 for the Holiday.

Have a wonderful Labor Day Weekend!!


House and Garage Lights: The lights are available at the office for purchase. The cost is $50.00 installed. Please contact the office if you would like to purchase. You cannot use any other replacement light on your outside lighting.


Insurance:  IMPORTANT REMINDER! Bills have been sent from Kraus Anderson to all homeowners and mortgage companies of those of you that are not escrowed with the Association. It does not matter if your insurance is escrowed with your mortgage company or not, it is still the owner’s responsibility to ensure that this is paid on time from you or the bank. Owners also must verify with their mortgage companies that payment was made out to and sent to Kraus Anderson. Late fees will begin September 16th and all accounts not paid will be turned over to Legal on October 1st, please don’t let it get to that point! Follow up on this until KA tells you they received the check. Owners that escrow with River Woods will get their statement the week of September 6th. *57 The balance for 2019-2020 insurance policy is due in full. Trying to set up an escrow payment now for the balance due is not an option. You can however talk with the office about setting up an escrow for insurance due September 2020. If you did not receive the bill from Kraus Anderson please call Elysia @ 952-707-8220.


ACH - Auto Fee Payments: Reminder that automatic fee payments are available and free – please contact the office for the form or go to the website for the form.


Parking/Towing:  Once again we have abuse in some areas: For those of you abusing any part of this rule, you may be towed without notice. This is the information you need to know.

Ø  The only place a resident may park is in the garage or in front of the garage. Guests may park in residence driveway or guest parking.

Ø  At no time may a vehicle be parked anywhere else.  This includes anywhere along the driving lane or grass. At no time may a logo/work vehicle be parked in River Woods, unless working at a specific unit for the day.  This is any vehicle with business information/advertisement on it.

Ø  No boats, trailers, campers or recreational vehicles may be parked in River Woods. You may get temporary approval for overnight loading/unloading, along with prepping it for the season. This must be approved in advance by the office. In advance means before Friday.


Water Reimbursements: We’ve had many calls regarding water usage in the Association. Grounds crew and Contractors working in the Association will at times will need access to water, which means utilizing outside faucets from homes. There simply isn’t always time for the owners to be contacted at the time of or prior to this usage. All owners should be aware of the Association’s water reimbursement program. It was most recently outlined in the April 2019 issue of The Villager which states;


Water Reimbursement Plan: This is what you will need to do - copy your bills from this January to October, reimbursements will be decided depending on when there is a need to water and when the rainy season is. Submit the copies of your bills (all at the same time) this fall (Nov/Dec), and you will be reimbursed for the water usage over your normal usage from the winter. The reimbursement checks are dispersed in December. The Association will no longer pay out previous year reimbursements; you may only submit reimbursement requests for current fiscal year. After December 31st, bills will no longer be accepted for reimbursement for the previous fiscal year.


Solicitations: The office has received reports of solicitors going door to door. Solicitors are required to have a permit from the City of Burnsville, with a few exceptions. *240 The link is posted for you to review the ordinance. You may also print off a ‘No Solicitation’ placard from the City to place in your door or window.


Find and Seek: We have hidden two-unit numbers (with an asterisk *) in the body of this email. If

you find yours, please call the River Woods office to claim your prize by September 13th





334 River Woods Lane, Burnsville MN 55337 * PHONE 952-894-4368 * FAX 952-808-6900

Email:  * Office Hours: Mon-Thurs 8:30-4:00 & Friday 8:30-12:00

Insurance: The Board of Directors will be approving a master insurance program in August. Have you budgeted for your insurance? Is your insurance escrowed? Does Kraus Anderson have your current mortgage information for any escrowed accounts? Billings will go out in August and are due in September. If you DO have your insurance escrowed through your mortgage company, it is YOUR responsibility to follow up with your bank until it is paid to Kraus Anderson. I know this is not an easy process, but you are the only one who can ensure it is completed. Verify with KA (Elysia 952-707-8220), to be sure the check was received. Anyone who escrows insurance through the office will receive a statement at the end of August.

Pool Flag: It was suggested at the annual meeting to have a flag at the pool to help owners recognize when the pool was open. We are happy to say this has been completed! The flagpole has been installed at the pool. When the red flag is up, the pool is closed.  It will only be used during the hours when the pool would actually be open, to indicate that it is closed due to inclement weather, chemical imbalance, or another unforeseen reason.

Mail Delivery: The Association has been receiving back mail that we’ve sent to owners. The reasons range from; Mail Unclaimed, Forwarding Order Expired, No Change of Address Order on File, Not Deliverable as Addressed Unable to Forward, etc. We know the owners are still residing at the units, and we’ve followed up with the post office. They have informed us returns are usually happening because owners fail to collect their mail, boxes fill up, mail is held and is unclaimed. Excessive forwarding orders are not allowed, they expire, and the mail goes unclaimed. We would ask they you PLEASE check your mailboxes on a regular basis.  This time of year, especially with the Master Policy information is being sent out, it is time sensitive material and if not collected may cause future issues with billings being received, premiums being collected and collection notices issued. *198 We have already received notification from Kraus Anderson Insurance that their mailings are being returned, and we’ve verified the mailing information is correct. 


Architectural Requests: All ACC requests for the month are due into the office by the date scheduled on the on-line calendar. Please remember all changes to the outside of your unit need an ACC request submitted and approved by the committee BEFORE work is STARTED. Call the office for more information or go online for all forms and replacement specification guidelines. They can also be found on the website.

Maintenance Requests: Are you familiar with what the Maintenance Request is and how it works? Please review the April 2019 Villager for clarification and to plan for next year.

Paint: Please return any unused paint you have sitting around; others may be waiting! Paint that is left for the winter and or frozen will not be accepted back and will be the owners responsibility for disposal.


Parking/Towing:  Once again we have abuse in some areas. For those of you abusing any part of this rule, you will be towed without notice. This is the information you need to know.

Ø  The only place a resident may park is in the garage or in front of the garage door. Guests may park in residence driveway or guest parking. If signs have been stolen – the rules still apply.

Ø  At no time may a vehicle be parked anywhere else.  This includes anywhere along the driving lane or on grass. At no time may a logo/work vehicle be parked in River Woods, unless working at a specific unit.  This is any vehicle with business information/advertisement on it.

Ø  No boats, trailers, campers or recreational vehicles may be parked in River Woods. You may get temporary approval for overnight loading/unloading, along with prepping it for the season. This must be approved in advance by the office. In advance means before Friday.


Garbage/Recycling Reminder: The scheduled timeline; Aspen can service the Association anytime between the hours of 6:00 am and 6:00 pm. Your bins should be out no later than 6:00 am on the day of service. Please email the office if your pickup has not occurred after 6 pm.


Wildlife Reminder: Please do not dump scrap food in or around grounds.  With the abundance of wildlife in River Woods it is just asking for trouble. * 305 Also, keep in mind food left on grills after cooking draws wildlife to the units, as well as grease pans that are full. It is always a good idea to clean and put away grills after each use. Birdfeeders are allowed and excluded from the guidelines of not feeding the ‘wildlife’.

Noise Ordinance: The City of Burnsville does enforce a noise ordinance. It states, “Activities that cause loud, disturbing noises are prohibited between 10 p.m. and 7 a.m.”  A change in the City ordinance now advises you to call 9-1-1 in the event you have a noise issue.  Please remember to be respectful of your neighbors; not everyone is on the same schedule. 

Ground Report:  It is HOT and all the grass is thirsty – please water in-between rains - to save your investment!  Also, the crew has reported AC units plugged up with cotton – please spray off the outside of the units to clean it up, this will extend the life of the AC.

Don’t forget - there are two-unit numbers hiding with an * asterisk in this month’s Villager. Find your unit number and call the office to win a Gift Certificate!   (Example - *334)


The Villager -July 2019

Townhouse Villages at River Woods HOA, 334 River Woods Lane, Burnsville, MN 55337 

PH 952-894-4368/Fx 952-808-6900 Email:, 

Office Hours: Mon-Thurs 8:30-4 & Friday 9:00-12 

Pool:  The suggestion was offered at the annual meeting to have some sort of flag or ‘sign’ that can be seen notifying residents when the pool is open or closed. It was decided to implement that suggestion. Within the coming weeks there will be a flagpole and flag installed somewhere around the pool. The placement is still tentative at this time, as we will try to find the best placement for the most exposure. The flag will be red, and when up, will signal that the pool is open. 

Maintenance Requests: Requested maintenance projects will be completed June-October. We will do our best to get them done pending weather. All requests have been reviewed and emails have been sent. 

Architectural Requests: Please be sure to submit your request for any work on the outside of the unit to the office prior to starting any work. It could take 30 days for the committee to review the request so please plan accordingly. Nothing can be done on the roof without prior approval. No satellite dish installation is allowed on the roof. Once a building has a new roof any installed dishes will be removed and the owner will be charged with re-roofing back to the original.

Plants: If you requested hostas and day lilies these will be dropped at your door as they are requested. Remember to ask 7-10 days before you want them.

Materials: *75 Materials (such as dirt/rock/edging) will be distributed throughout the summer based on requests, what is needed and/or who is doing the work. There has been great success with our partnership plan. This plan has the association providing materials and education and the homeowner assisting in labor and upkeep. A walk around the association can attest to the success of this program. 

Paint Return: Please return paint as soon as your projects are completed. Someone else may be waiting for it. Let the office know and we’re happy to pick it up.

Garbage/Recycling Update: Notification has gone out to all owners regarding the recycling information from Aspen, please check your email!! Owners who do not have emails on file with the office received information in their doors. Our representative from Aspen contact us after the annual meeting. The fine for ‘contaminate’ items in recycling containers will be $5.00 per container, per incident. That cost will be passed back to the unit owners who’s recycling containers are contaminated. It’s very easy to remember – NO PLASTIC BAGS IN RECYCLING BINS!! “When in doubt, throw it out.” Plastic bags may be recycled in other ways, Cub Foods and other retailers will accept plastic bags for recycling.  

Packages: The office does not accept packages for unit owners. If a delivery service tries to drop them at the office, they will be refused. Also, please do not have your packages directly addressed to the River Woods office. We can not be responsible for your deliveries. 

Please do not feed wildlife: DO NOT feed the wildlife! Also, the association does not allow for food scraps to be thrown in woods or on common property, this includes feeding geese in the pond or from decks.  The DNR has asked us to post this and to let them know if any resident is not following this no feed rule! Please note, the exception would be bird feeders – they are allowed.  Residents will be fined $25 per incident.

Garage Door Maintenance: Owners be aware of your garage door maintenance. There is a procedure you should do yearly. This maintenance includes releasing your tension pulley. *117 Pull the door up and down a few times. If it is difficult to pull up and down, you should call a professional to do maintenance and adjust springs.

Emails/Phone calls: If you leave a voice mail message at the River Woods office and request a return call, please leave a unit number and call back number. Please be sure your unit number is on all email correspondence. 

Good News!! Home sales continue to be on the rise:  Property sales in River Woods have been extremely favorable. Please know your market and contact the office if you have any questions!! We have had many units turn over recently and there are lots of new faces in the community.  Say “Hello” to your neighbors! 

Lost and Found: We do have lost items that have been found around the Association and turned into the Association office. Please let us know if you may be looking for a lost belonging. 

Thank you for your support! We have received many emails, phone calls and treats expressing kudos to the Grounds Crew for a job well done, it is greatly appreciated!  Managing an association of this size takes an enormous amount collaboration on everyone’s part, not even factoring in how it’s all affected by the weather.

Night to Unite: The Association will not be hosting the annual Night to Unite for 2019. We’ve asked for volunteers to form a committee to be in place by January 1st, 2020 to plan for the next Night to Unite in August of 2020. Interested owners may email the office. 

Villager Game: Don’t forget - there are two-unit numbers hiding with *asterisks* in this month’s Villager. Find your number and call the office to win a Gift Certificate!   Please - spread the word and encourage reading the Villager!! 

Emergency? What to do: In case of an emergency at your home there are a few helpful hints to help guide you;

Fire – call 911 then email the River Woods email: as soon as possible.

Flood/water intrusion email: and contact your HO6 carrier.

Storm damage that has caused major structural problems/intrusion - email: and call your HO6 carrier.

Roof leak (major) - email: river

River Woods email is monitored nights and weekends for emergency situations however not overnight hours.

Non-emergency directives:

No electricity – call your electrical provider

Roof Leaks – Email and leave message with details including name, unit number and telephone number

No gas – call your provider

Gas smell – leave home and call 911

No water – call your city provider

Minor storm damage: siding blew off or shingle damage – Email the office

Sewer back up – call plumber of choice – association jets the lines every other year. If it is a building back up email the office. The              association uses Drain Pro

Noise issues with neighbors (dogs. People, cars, and equipment) call police 

Pest control (this includes ants, mice, box elders, bats, squirrels and all other pests) – call an exterminator of choice it is the owner’s          cost.

Vehicle blocking accesses to your unit – call police. 

Guest parking issues – email the office.

Happy Independence Day!!


The Villager - June 2019

Townhouse Villages at River Woods HOA

334 River Woods Lane, Burnsville, MN 55337

PH 952-894-4368 / FAX 952-808-6900 / Email Address:


General Manager’s Corner: 

The Annual meeting will be Monday, June 24th at 6 pm at Mary, Mother of the Church, Burnsville. We hope to see you there! If you cannot attend, please submit your ballot to the office.

Renter Roommate Forms Past Due

There are units that have not complied with the renter/roommate regulations. The forms were due many months ago. Please go to the website to print and fill out your info for your unit. Fines will be applied June 15th.

Pool Opening:  The pool opened Memorial weekend see below for pool rules. Pool tags do not expire.

Important Rule Reminders:

      If you lose your pool tag there is a $5.00 replacement fee. Replacement tags are available at the pool.

      Children under 12 must have an adult with them, no exceptions due to insurance and liability.

      No glass or alcohol in pool area.

Maintenance Request Forms: Thank you to all of you who completed your Maintenance Request forms and turned them in by the due date. All received forms will be reviewed mid-June. The budget and needs will be analyzed, and we will try to fit in every request that we can. We apologize in advance as it is apparent there will not be enough funds to cover every project request. *123 All owners who made requests will be emailed a response by July 8th unless the request has been completed.  Please remember if we do not have your email, we will not contact you. It is your responsibility to follow up with the office in July. Thank you for your understanding of the process and your patience for the planning.  We will not be accepting anymore requests for the 2019 season.

Requests: Summer is in the air and a lot of homeowners are starting projects!  Please remember the crew cannot provide on demand services as they stay on a schedule with the work that is required to be completed. Here is a refresher on the procedures for summer requests:

Paint:  You may submit your request by paper, phone or email. We have many containers donated for use at this time. The office needs to know if you want - either trim or house color - as well as the quantity needed (what is the project?). These requests will be dropped at your door within a week beginning June 3rd. 

Seed: Grass seed will be handled in the same way – drop off a container with the type of seed you’re requesting (sun, shade or mix) and your unit number written on it. It will be dropped back at your door in 1 week. The dirt must be loosened up for the seed to germinate. *35 A pre-emergent has been applied to the ground so if new dirt is not added the seed will not germinate. All areas seeded must be staked off with stakes and twine by owner.

Special Yard Requests: The association cannot provide individual services for each unit. All units will be handled the same. Items like do not mow – use this type of mower – don’t spray – no blowing - are items we are referring to and will no longer be honored.

**Once again service requests are not on the spot; please allow a week for your request to be filled if materials are on site.

Brick Fireplaces: These need maintenance and part replacement(s) as does anything else on your unit. Please call a professional to handle these repairs and maintenance. Be sure they are redoing the flash guard around the chimney base if you have one of these units.

Fire pits/Grills: BE AWARE – the only approved fires in River Woods are self-contained units with covers and sides. These must be 25ft away from anything including building and woods. Only GAS grills are allowed on decks!

Garbage Cans: Friendly reminder - please bring in garbage cans on Wednesday evening after trash/recycling has been collected. Garbage cans must be in the garage and cannot be left outside. If the cans are still out on Thursday a $25 fine will be added to your account.

Garage doors are to be closed at all times when garage is not in use: All homeowner vehicles must be either in the garage and/or a maximum of two vehicles may be parked directly in front of garage (a one car garage may have one vehicle outside). There is no car maintenance allowed in River Woods in any location.

Parking Reminder: No boats, trailers, campers, recreation vehicles or business vehicles may be parked in River Woods at any time.  These must be kept in your garage or at a storage location. Please remember Guest Parking is for short term guests only.

Villager Game

Don’t forget - there are two-unit numbers hiding with *asterisks* in this month’s Villager. Find yours and call the office to win a Gift Certificate!   Please spread the word and encourage reading the Villager.


June 16th - Happy Father’s Day to all you fathers out there – you deserve a great day!!!


 River Woods Pool Rules

(Revised 2018)


The pool is open daily in June & July from 10:00 am 9.00 pm and August 10:00 am to 8:00 pm. Adult swim (18 & over Monday – Friday 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm. No one under 18 will be allowed in the pool area at this time.


Due to vandalism, anyone in the pool area outside of these hours will be arrested for trespassing

The pool will close for the following reasons:

·          inclement weather                            ● chemical imbalance                                ● an accident in the pool area


1. Entry into the Pool

A pool tag is required for admittance into the pool area.  Tags MUST be turned in to the pool monitor when entering the pool area and will be returned when you leave.


A.       * Authorized Residents of the River Woods Association are given a tag to identify that they are allowed to use the pool.   

2.  Guests:

     A.  Each Unit is allowed to bring in a maximum of two guests without making a party request. 

     B.  More than 2 guests will require party approval at least 1 week in advance, email the office, party approvals are not given at the pool.

3. Young Swimmers:

    A.  Children 12 and under MUST be accompanied by an adult (18 or older):

    B.  Older children/siblings will not be allowed to babysit in the pool area

    C. State and local laws state that children shall not use the pool without an adult in attendance.

    D. Insurance requires we adhere to this strictly.

** It is not the responsibility of the Homeowner’s Association

to provide a babysitter for unattended children. **

4. Swim Attire:

    A. Proper swim attire must be worn.

    B. No cut-offs are allowed. 

    C. The threads clog the filters.

    D. No colored shirts.

    E. Babies MUST wear a swim diaper.

5. Behavior:

     A. No running or horseplay permitted: including and is not limited to running, rough play, forced

     submerging of another swimmer or throwing balls from one of the pool to the other. 

     B. It is inconsiderate of others using the pool and pool area.  

     C. This is state and local law. 

6. Large Buoyant Objects & Toys

A.  Due to the size of our facility the use of air mattresses, rafts and tubes will be on a limited basis which will be determined by capacity. You may be asked to remove larger pool items if accommodations warrant. 

    B.  Water toys are to be used in wading pool area only.

7. Excessive Noise & Language:

    A.  No excessive yelling or screaming

    B.  No use of foul language (swearing).

**This is a courtesy to others in the pool area, as well as the residents living in units adjacent to the pool facilities. **

8.  Smoking:

    A.  Smoking is allowed in the pool area.

    B.  Place cigarette butts in the stone ashtrays or one given by the pool monitor.

9. Glass in the pool area.

A.  State and local laws state the due to the tendency of glassware and similar materials to shatter on impact, they shall NOT be allowed within the pool enclosure. All coolers will be inspected.

10. Alcohol or Illegal Drugs:

    A. No alcohol is allowed within the pool enclosure.  Pool monitors may inspect coolers.

    B. No illegal drugs are allowed in the pool area.

**This rule is to avoid problems or accidents in or around the pool, as well as the court areas outside the pool fence. **

11. Pets:

    A.  No pets are allowed in the pool area.

Pets found in the pool area will be secured and turned over to the public safety department.


A.     Residents will respect the authority and personal boundaries of the pool monitor.

B.     Homeowners are NOT allowed to request that a monitor assists them in the application of sunblock or in any other manner requiring physical touch. 

1.        Events in which a monitor is permitted to touch a homeowner (or vice versa):

i.                     To rescue them from drowning or

ii.                     Application of first aid to a minor in the event that a parent is not present. 

The pool monitor is acting on behalf of the Association; making sure the rules are properly enforced for your safety as well as your fellow homeowners.

Those residents who violate the Association rules and regulations or who are in arrears with their monthly association dues/maintenance payments will be suspending from using the pool.


Possible consequences:

● Verbal Warning                    

● Immediate ejection from pool area

● Suspension of the use of facilities for up to 60 days

● Pool tag will be confiscated for flagrant/repeated violations

*Authorized Residents are Residents of the Association who are in good standing.


The Villager – May 2019

Townhouse Villages at River Woods HOA – 334 River Woods Lane, Burnsville, MN 55337

                                  PH 952-894-4368 * Email Address: * FX 952-808-6900                                                         Summer Office Hrs.:  M-TH 8:30-4:00 Friday 9:00-12:00                 

Spring Walkthroughs and PaintingAll spring walk through notices will be completed and mailed to homeowners upon completion. Please understand this is to maintain property values for ALL River Woods homeowners.  No one is being singled out and the office will work with all reasonable time-lines.  Timely painting of all units is important; repairs need to be made before the painter can start. Painting should begin in June pending weather and completion of repairs. Additionally, power washing may bring out additional areas of repairs that will be needed such as uncovering additional delamination of wood. These areas may not be listed on walkthroughs. The area(s) will be marked with chalk and you will be notified.

Vinyl Units - Power Washing: The Board has decided beginning this year the vinyl units within the paint cycle will be power washed.  Units receiving this service will be receiving a posting notice similar to the paint letter posting. Please pay attention to the instructions. Water access from the exterior faucet is required and therefore must be operable.  All units that are on the paint cycle will be power washed in May to prep for the painting that will begin in June.

Paint/Stain Requests: The office will distribute paint to owners beginning of June pending weather. Wood really needs to dry out from the winter and spring snows.  Paint/Stain is not issued on demand. Plan ahead for weekend projects, allow a one-week turnaround for requests.

Hoses and Sprinklers: The office will provide you with hoses and sprinklers for the watering season. Just email the office and let us know your unit number and what you’re requesting – two sizes of hoses are available 100ft and 50ft – let us know what will work best for you.

Seed: Grass Seed will be handled in the same way as previous years.  Drop off a container marked with your unit number and the type of seed you are requesting (i.e. sun, shade or mix).  Your container will be dropped back at your door after cleanup.  You must apply fresh dirt prior to seeding.  Please note that this will promote additional weeds. Area must be roughed up with a rake then seed laid and stay moist for 21 days. It is imperative areas is sectioned off with twine and stakes. No seed can be laid until spring cleanup is complete.

Grounds Maintenance Requests: The due date for these requests is May 13th, after this date no more will be honored for review in 2019.

Association Fees/Legal UpdateMonthly Association Fees are $299.00.  Association fee payments are due on the first of the month.  Any account not paid by the 9th of the month will be assessed a late fee in the amount of $10.00 on the 10th.  There is an additional $10.00 assessment if not paid by the 19th the late fee is entered on the 20th of the month.  Any account delinquent 60 days or $500 will be turned over to legal for collection and legal fees will be charged to the homeowner’s account. If you need assistance with a payment plan, please call the office before your account is turned *78 over to legal in order to avoid legal fees. All accounts delinquent as of the end of the month have statements sent to the owner.  Late fees will not be removed, as a lot of resources are spent in the collection process.

Home Owner CorrespondenceIf we do not already have your email, please call the office with your email address so you can get on the list for paperless mailings. It is important for us to have this so we can alert you of emergencies within the association. It is not unusual to send email notes to owners for emergencies and communication that is needed right away.

Architectural Control ReminderAny additions or changes of any kind to the outside of the units, needs prior approval.  Please fill out the Architectural form and submit to the office for approval. You may obtain the Architectural form from the office or the website.  It could take up to 30 days for response of request to be approved or denied so please plan ahead.

Pool Opening:  The goal is for the pool to open the weekend of Memorial Day 5/25/19 pending weather. Please refer to the website for updates.

Night to Unite: Night to Unite is a community event that allows neighbors to not only connect with each other but to make their community a safer place to live. Previously this event has been planned and hosted by the employees of River Woods. It is time for the owners to help with the event and be a part of your community. Please email or call the office to sign up. If no volunteers -  this event will not take place. We need volunteers in the following *309 areas:

  • Planning the event
  • Setting up equipment
  • Food/beverages tables and after event food take down
  • Set up/Take down
  • Greeting table volunteers

The event would take place Tuesday, August 6th. Please contact the office to volunteer by 5/20/2019, a decision on the event will be made at that time.

Guest Parking:  There is no parking allowed in River Woods for non-residents who are vacationing. Please do not have your friends and family members use River Woods as vacation parking spot. We do not have enough guest parking spots to accommodate that.

Our Loss: It is with great sadness we have learned our friend and neighbor Jack Strait has unexpectantly passed away.  Henry W. Anderson Mortuary in Apple Valley will be providing services. The information may not yet be available online at their website, please keep checking back there. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Jack’s family and friends.  

Villager Game: Don’t forget - there are two-unit numbers hiding with *asterisks* in this month’s Villager. Find your unit number and call or email the office to win a Gift Certificate!   Please spread the word and encourage reading the Villager!

City News:

·   City Wide Garage Sale: The City of Burnsville will not host a Community-Wide Garage Sale in 2019. Going forward, the event will only take place every two years on even-numbered years.

·   The Burnsville Maintenance Center has listed Saturday June 8th from 9 am to 2 pm, as the date to drop off Appliances and Electronics. There is a fee for some items brought in, follow the Dakota Valley Recycling Center website for a list of the accepted items; search “drop off”: Additional information can also be found at the City of Burnsville’s link:

·   June 10th is Burnsville’s Curbside Collection Day. For reduced rates contact Certified Recycling @ 952-894-1448, to schedule your pick-up and arrange payment, by 2:00 the day before your weekly garbage collection day (pick will be same day as garage collection day).  Be sure to mention the “I Love Burnsville Curbside Collection” promotion for the discount.  For full list of prices/ items please go to:  search; “curbside collection”.

·   Reminder City Inspectors will be driving through neighborhoods to look for maintenance, safety and code violations. River Woods will use the inspectors for any owners who do not take the walk-through notices seriously. Owners who have gone years with safety issues will be addressed.  Owners will receive a letter from the city stating violation, action required and a timeline to do so. Fees will be assessed if violations are found.

·   Car Seat Clinic – Hosted by Burnsville Fire Department – Thursday, May 2nd From 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm. Is your child in the correct car seat? The Burnsville Fire Department is partnering with HealthPartners to conduct a FREE car seat clinic. Appointments ARE required, call to RSVP and they will give you the location address. Call 651-357-2798 or emails

Have a Wonderful Memorial Holiday Weekend!

The Villager – April 2019   

    Office Hours: Mon – Thurs 9:00-4:00 & Fri 9:00 – 12:00

Happy Easter and Spring to All!

Spring Has Sprung!  This Villager is dedicated to old and new procedures on how this busy season will be handled. Please read carefully to avoid miscommunication and missed deadlines.

 Water Reimbursement Plan: This is what you will need to do - copy your bills from this January to October, reimbursements will be decided depending on when there is a need to water and when the rainy season is. Submit the copies of your bills (all at the same time) this fall (Nov/Dec), and you will be reimbursed for the water usage over your normal usage from the winter. The reimbursement checks are dispersed in December. The association will no longer pay out previous year reimbursements; you may only submit reimbursement requests for current fiscal year. After December 15th, bills will no longer be accepted for reimbursement for the year.


Monthly Association Dues Reminder:  As of November 1st, 2018, River Woods monthly association dues are $299.00 Some payments are still coming in for the prior amount of $292.00. Please correct this and clean up your past due balance.


ATTENTION PET OWNERS: Grounds work has begun; the dog defecation is alarming. Each unit that has an issue will be tagged (a “hang tag” on the door) and fined according to the 2017 Pet Policy revision, each time there is an issue. The fines escalate up to $500 and then you will not be able to have a pet because you are not following the rules and statutes. If you own a pet, you must follow the rules of River Woods and City ordinances. If an animal is unattended / off their leash or incessantly barking - call Animal Control (952-894-3647).  Animal Control will then follow up with the complaint, and additional fines may be imposed. Burnsville City Ordinances also required pet owners with animals over the age of 4 months to be licensed, registered and immunized. If Animal Control is called due to defecation issues, this ordinance WILL be enforced by Animal Control. Lastly, please be mindful of your surroundings when walking your animals and please remember no owner appreciates the gift of poo being left on the common grounds!


Courtyards: For those unit owners with courtyards, this is your property. You own it and are responsible for the maintenance work needed, as well as the costs.  We offer free services for grounds maintenance upkeep. If you would like to sign up for courtyard maintenance, please return the form in order to be included in spring cleanup. If you have signed up previously YOU MUST DO IT AGAIN! You can find the form with this Villager (those that are mailed)  or on the website;, select ‘Replacement Specification’ and the courtyard form is the third down from the top (for those that are emailed).


Spring Walk-through: The time is here for the Spring Walk-through to begin, once the grounds are dried off enough. When feedback is provided to homeowners, please DO NOT take this personally!  It is simply an assessment of the items that need attention, which are the homeowners’ responsibility.  Make a written plan to accomplish the items that need repair and replacement, as noted in your unit inspection.  Turn this plan into the office; it should include a timeline for completion. You may email the plan or drop it in the drop box outside of the office. Any unit on the painting cycle will need to have repairs completed within 30 days of notice.


We have had feedback regarding units needing repairs.  Everyone’s home values are affected by a homeowner letting their unit fall to disrepair.  Neighbors are not happy that they must look at a “falling apart” unit.  The repairs of some units have been put off for lack of funds.  These repairs cannot wait any longer.  If you can not afford to do the repairs, please investigate county funding (see contact listed below). Items that have been listed for several years need to be addressed with a timeline for completion.  This timeline must be communicated to the office. *218 Thank you in advance for your cooperation in this very important matter. The Board will focus on units that have been needing attention for several years and will continue with all means necessary to get the units in good exterior condition.


County Funding: Please call the Housing Rehab Coordinator @ 651-675-4400 for more information on the HRA loan through CDA, or visit the website @


Architectural Requests: An Architectural Request is a request for any change to the exterior of the building (does not include grounds requests – as they are submitted on Maintenance Request Forms).  Approval must be obtained by filling out the request form which can be found on the River Woods website at under the ‘Replacement Specifications tab. These need to be turned in by the 5th of each month to be approved at the Architectural Meeting (scheduled sometime in that month).  You will receive notification with approval or denial, after the meeting.  There are specification guidelines to be used when doing any replacement items. If you do not follow them, the request will be denied.  Specifications and forms for all replacement items can be obtained from the office and are now listed on the website under the Replacement Specifications tab. Changes made without approval will need to be corrected at the home owner’s expense.


Grounds Maintenance Requests: These are items related to the common grounds only. This includes dirt, seed, landscaping, retaining walls, sod, sidewalks, etc.  The request should be put on a Maintenance Request Form; see form below or included in mailing.  This must be filled out completely.  The plan should include the work the homeowner is willing to do in the project, materials needed, and a drawing if needed.   Many areas have been improved upon several times but have not had proper upkeep.  The association now takes a position of ownership in the grounds. You must take part in the solution and maintenance of the area. The knowledge, materials and equipment are handled by the office.                         

The requests are looked at with many variables; how many times has this been redone, was it taken care of, is there a permanent solution to the problem, cost, priority compared to the whole association and more. This year all requests are required to be in the HOA office by May 13, 2019.  All will be evaluated, funds analyzed, and e-mail responses sent out on projects we can do this year sometime in June. Forms and Specs are available on-line at in the “Association Documents” area.  These forms are also available to pick up at the office upon request.


Painting: The units to be painted this year must have the repairs done immediately, so painting may begin. Repairs will be noted on your walk-through assessment. Your unit will not be painted if repairs are not completed. The Board will then have the unit repaired and assess the cost to the owner.


Paint: The office keeps paint for touch ups at the Maintenance Garage. Stain for decks is also available. We will have our paint order in May. No paint will be given until after May 28th pending weather. Wood needs to dry out over spring for the paint to adhere. You may send an email or drop off a note requesting to be added to the paint drop off list. This request must include name, unit, what is being painted, quantity and color (trim, deck railing, house, stain). *193 Once the paint ordered is received, it will be dropped at your units front door.


Seed: Grass Seed will be handled in the same way as previous years.  Drop off a container marked with your unit number and the type of seed you are requesting (i.e. sun, shade or mix).  Your container will be dropped back at your door after cleanup.  You must apply fresh dirt prior to seeding.  Please note that this will promote additional weeds. Area must be roughed up with a rake then seed laid and stay moist for 21 days. It is imperative areas is sectioned off with twine and stakes.  Seed will be available in April, however the is a limited time to seed before pre-emergent is put on which then no seed will be given for 12 weeks.


2019 Community-Wide Garage Sale: The City of Burnsville will not host a Community-Wide Garage Sale in 2019. Going forward, the sale will only take place every two years on even-numbered years. During sale years, sales are held on a Friday and Saturday in mid-May. For more information call 952-895-4500.


Miscellaneous Items:

  • Notary Option: Notary Public service is available free of charge at the River Woods office during business hours. An ID or Driver’s required for verifying identity. No mortgage or loan documents. If witnesses are required call ahead for availability.
  • Emergencies: Please be sure that if you have an emergency on nights and weekends you email the office for help and include your Name, unit address and contact number.


Villager Game

Don’t forget - there are two-unit numbers hiding with *asterisks* in this month’s Villager. Find your unit number and call the office to win a Gift Certificate!  


We’re wishing everyone a wonderful spring & Happy Easter from all Office & Grounds Employee’s.



The Villager - March 2019

Townhouse Villages at River Woods HOA 334 River Woods Lane, Burnsville, MN 55337

PH 952-894-4368 FX 952-808-6900     Email Address: 

Office Hours M-TH 9-4 Fri 9-12

Happy St. Patty’s Day!


Fee Reminder

Your monthly association fee ($299) is due on the first of the month. If you want to avoid a late fee you must pay on or by the 9th.  A $10 late fee is applied on the 10th and another $10 late fee is applied on the 20th if there is ANY balance on your account. To avoid a late fee your payment must be received by the 9th. Owners are still paying various amounts, please make sure you are paying the correct fee for new fiscal year.

Salt Requests

Reminder: salt is available to owners. Please contact the office via phone or email and we will be happy to deliver salt to your door. Shakers are available if needed and you set them outside your door and call or email for a refill. If your drive area is slippery call the office for salt to be laid. No one is working on nights and weekends unless there is a snow event so please be sure to keep your area ice free during these times. When requesting, please leave your unit number and if you have or need a shaker.

Important Pet Information

In Burnsville, all cats and dogs (even domesticated ferrets & chickens) – over four months old – must have a valid pet license. The license must be renewed every two years. Licensing information can be found at:


Pets are not allowed to ‘run at large’ and must be restrained, this applies to all animals at all times. Contact Animal Control at 952-894-3647 if you have issues with unrestrained animals in your area or yard. Owners are REQUIRED to pick up pet defecation when the dog defecates and to properly dispose of it. Rain and snowmelt runoff can wash pet droppings into storm drains and ponds. As it decomposes the droppings release bacteria (E. coli, salmonella), parasites (Giardia), and nutrients (phosphorus) into the water supply. There will be no snow removal if there is any defecation not picked up.


Garbage Cans

Garbage cans are to be put in the garage the day of pick up and can be put out the night before (weather exceptions). All cans must be out by 6:00 am the day of pickup.*51  Please be sure to comply for all your neighbors’ enjoyment of the area.  Owners are allowed to only put out what fits in the can; extras must be arranged with hauler and payment made with them. Any issues with waste removal must be handled through the office.


Parking Review

Reminder – parking anywhere but your driveway and in the garage is a direct violation of the Declaration and you may be towed without notice. Guest parking is for guests and areas for snow removal and emergency vehicles must be left open. If you have any questions, please call the office.


Parents Parking Cars on Street for Bus Pick up or Drop off

We have many parents who drive their child to the bus stop by the pool. There now have been many incidences with cars not being able to see around them to enter main road and not enough room with cars in both directions moving in and out of area. This make for a hazardous situation. All parents need to either park on the main River Woods Lane city road or walk the children down from the pool area. We simply can not have cars park along side the pool and wait anymore.


Roof Replacement

The Association will be continuing roof replacement in March as weather permits. Your unit will be posted in advance when it is time for it to be done. Because of weather we cannot put out a schedule or guess yet on units and timeframes.


Attic Weatherization

We have been helping owners with leaks in their homes over the last few months. *166 The common item at this time has been the lack of sealing the attic bypasses and insulation not being enough. Please let the office know if you need an evaluation. We do have one company that has helped many owners in the River Woods Association.


Emergency contact information

Just a reminder to turn in your emergency contact information to the office if you have not already done so. 

Villager Game

Don’t forget - there are two-unit numbers hiding with an * asterisk in this month’s Villager. Find your unit number and call the office to win a Gift Certificate!   (Example - *334)



The Villager

Townhouse Villages at River Woods HOA 334 River Woods Lane, Burnsville, MN 55337 

PH 952-894-4368 FX 952-808-6900

Email Address:

Office Hours Mon-Thurs. 9-4 and Friday 9-12

February 2019

Thursday, Feb. 14th Happy Valentine’s Day! 

Information Update: Please make sure we have your latest contact information on hand. Phone numbers, emails and emergency contacts need to be updated on a regular basis. *40 Please complete the included form and return it to the River Woods office. Also, spare keys can be kept on hand in the offices secured lock box - for emergencies. We also can keep a copy of your mailbox key for you. Should you lose your mailbox key and we do not have a copy, replacement/re-keying from the post office is the only option, and there is a $40.00 fee. 

Late Fees:  All payments are due by the 9th of each month, payments received after the 9th are late and late fees will be applied. The late fee policy is as follows; $10.00 charged on the 10th of the month, $20.00 charged on the 20th of the month. ANY balance on an account will have a late fee applied. 

Salt Requests: If you are in need of salt to put on your sidewalk please call the office and put in a request. Please store the salt inside your garage so that it does not turn to a hard brick. We will be happy to refill your shakers throughout the winter, just set it by your door and call or email that it needs filling and we will take care of that for you. When you leave the message please state whether you have a shaker to fill and your unit number. Detached units have your own courtyard and it is your job to take part in keeping this clean and free of ice. You own this property and we help you if you request.  Please see your documents for further explanation. This is Minnesota and it is impossible to find every bit of ice every day. On the weekend the guys are not out unless it snows. The Association does not offer ‘pet friendly’ salt. 

Holiday Decorations: Holiday lighting and decorations should have been removed by now. Please remove all items possible now and turn off all lighting and take down ASAP. This also includes colored light bulbs which are not allowed in fixtures on garage fronts and sides. We will be touring the association starting week of February 4th for items that should have been removed and assessing the fines, and letters will be sent out in February. *236 If there is a reason you need more time please email the office.

ACH: Prefer not to write checks each month? Sign up for ACH and we will withdraw it on the 1st of each month out of your account. Any questions please call the office and we will help you understand the process. You may also escrow your insurance premium for the upcoming year on ACH.

Free tax Preparation: Is available through Dakota county. Contact Dakota County Library for questions 651-450-2900. 

AARP Tax-Aide for low-to-moderate income seniors, adults and families.


Burnhaven Library

Thursdays, 10 a.m.–2 p.m.

Feb. 7-April 11 

Registration required; space is limited

Galaxie Library

Thursdays, 10 a.m.–1 p.m.

Feb. 7-April 11

First Come, first served. Space is limited

Farmington Library

Tuesdays, 1-5 p.m.

Feb 5-April 9

First come, first served. Space is limited

Deck and Roof Clearing:  Please get approval to clear beforehand not call and request removal after it is complete. Thank you for your attention to this matter!

Villager Game:

Don’t forget - there are two-unit numbers hiding with *asterisks* in this month’s Villager. Find yours and call the office to win a Gift Certificate!   

Emergencies in River Woods HOA: If you have a true emergency please email the office on nights and weekends and the email is monitored during non-business hours. Once Kim goes to bed it is not looked at again till morning. If it involves gas, electric or water please notify the utility company emergency number.

Buckthorn: We continue to make progress on removal of buckthorn in our community. If you would like to know more about buckthorn and how it impacts your woods, please refer to information on the City website or the internet.

FOR SALE : “Magni Sight reader. If you know someone with macular degeneration or some other sight problem and needs a magnifying reader, I have one for sale. It has a 24 inch b/w led monitor with remote. Previously owned, in great condition. Paid $1300, asking $600 and will add a low vision watch for free.  Call Marge at 952-808-8984 or email at”

**Thank you to all of the wonderful residence who brought all kinds of treats and beverages for the crew and office. It was a wonderful holiday season and we are very thankful for the incredible folks we have in this community! **

Return to the River Woods Office.  Homeowner Information                                                



Homeowner Contact Information




Unit Number


Cell Phone


Home Phone


Work Phone


E-Mail Address


E-Mail Address



In Case of Emergency


Garage code or key given to the office?

                Garage code: ___________________________                                                         


Cell or Emergency Number (used only in case of emergency):





Who has a key to access the unit that can respond quickly?

Name: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________


Cell Phone: _______________________________________________________________________________________________________


Alt. Phone: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


Special Note

Please notify the office if you are taking trips and/or need someone to monitor the property.




The Villager- December 2018 & January 2019

Townhouse Villages at River Woods HOA

334 River Woods Lane – Burnsville MN 55337 / Phone 952-894-4368 Fax 952-808-6900


Office Hours: M-TH 9-4 Friday 9-12


Insurance Escrow: The River Woods office offers an insurance escrow plan for owners who would like to pay for their insurance that will be due Sept. 2019.  Make payments in Dec-Sept., and the money will be put towards your insurance premium when it becomes due. If you would like to take advantage of this, please divide your premium of this year by 10; that will be the amount you pay each month for 10 months. The actual amount may differ from your payments, but you will get a refund if insurance goes down - or you will owe a slight balance if it rises. *60  Include a note with your first check saying it is for insurance escrow. THIS IS NOT OFFERED TO ANY HOMEOWNER WHO STILL OWES A PAST DUE INSURANCE BALANCE, THIS MUST BE RESOLVED FIRST.


December Fees: Please remember your fee amount effective 11-1-2018 is $299.00. There are still people paying the fee amount from 2017. Please clear up your balance ASAP. Thank you for your help! Late fees are added on the 10th and 20th of each month for $10.00 each date if balance is not paid in full by that date. Fees are due on the 1st. Fee envelopes are available for pick up at River Woods office. Call or email to arrange for yours to be picked-up.  Also, deposits are not made daily, it’s not unusual for us to make deposits once, later in the week, especially at the first of the month when there are so many payments to credit. Please keep watching your account, it could take a payment a week to clear your bank.


Lights Out? Please call the office if you see a pole light or garage light out. We will replace it as quickly as possible. They are replaced weekly, as weather permits. If the garage fixture is broken, the owner will have to pay for a new one and it can *251 be ordered through the office.


Clearing of Decks and Roofs: If you would like to sign up for these services, please call the office for a sign-up slip, your signature is required. There is a fee for these services, and it is more economical if it is maintained throughout the entire season. The charge is based on man-hours to do the job. The deck pricing will be $25 per man hour, depending on how much snow and how big the deck is. Roof cleaning is more expensive but can help prevent ice dams and this is important to avoid water damage inside the unit. At the first sign of icicles, you should remove snow from your roof. This would cost $35 on up. This is not an on-demand service. If you do not get on the season list and call when you have a problem, it could be a two or more week wait. No owner or contractor of any kind can do any work on the roof without permission in writing from the River Woods Office.


Meetings: There will be no Board meeting in December and January’s meeting is to be determined at later date.


Salt requests: If you would like to have sidewalk salt delivered to your garage door – please call the HOA office and order it now. It is every owner’s responsibility to help keep the walks safe for owners and guests. The crew cannot be here for every thaw/freeze cycle. Please help!!  Let us know when your shaker is empty, and we will refill It. All salt products must be kept inside your garage. We do not offer pet friendly salt.


Winter Reminders: Have you turned your outside water off inside your unit? This needs to be done so the pipe does not burst. This is the line that runs to your outside faucet. Please disconnect hoses. Call the office if you cannot shut off the water – we will try to help.


Plowing: Be sure to keep the guest parking areas free of vehicles during a snowfall. Your guest may park in this area after cleanup is complete. Do not block mailboxes, neighbors drive, garage doors or fire/drive lanes at any time or you are subject to immediate towing with no notice.


Decorations: Holiday lights and decorations may be displayed from November 20st through January 16th. There seems to be some confusion on this timeframe.  Lights may be illuminated until 10pm. Please be sure to follow the rules to avoid fines. All owners would appreciate it.




Pets: It’s cold for our furry friends but the rules remain the same in the winter. You cannot leave pets on decks or leashed without supervision, and an unleashed pet is never acceptable. All dog defecation must be picked up immediately even in the winter months.


Firewood: Firewood bundles are available upon request, it is seasoned wood and the cost is $2.00 per wrapped bundle. For free  unsplit logs; only large unsplit logs are  available at this time, you may check back later in the season if you’d like smaller ones.


Sanitation Reminder: Aspen Waste Systems is the sanitation company for River Woods. The service day is Wednesday, and collection time can be between 6:00 am to 6:00 pm. Containers may be put out the night before collection and must be brought inside the day of collection. Please refer to the River Woods website calendar for the recycling schedule and any holiday changes with collection pick-up.


Guest Parking: If you have a guest that will be staying overnight, there is no need to call in. If you have a guest for four or more nights, please let the office know the following information; license plate number, state, make, model and color of the vehicle. Please include a start and end date of the visit.  A visitor of more than 1 week is considered long term and must park in your driveway. Guest parking is for visitors only!!


Architectural Control: Reminder

Any changes/replacement to the outside of your home must be submitted, in advance, on an architectural request form, and be approved by the committee before work can be started.


Cable and Dish:

The board of Directors allows Cable installation on all units at the River Woods HOA. Cable is allowed to be run on the exterior of the building as long as it is behind the siding but cannot be attached to another unit or run across the roof.  *103 The cable must be buried. Lines can go through the siding at any location per the homeowner.

TV Dishes can be placed either on the fascia or deck of a unit owner’s property only.  Nothing may be installed on the roof or run across the roof. Please get the specifications on the website. Owners will be responsible to pay for new roofing if a dish is placed on the roof.


Walkers/Runners: Your driving neighbors are having trouble seeing you at night! Please be aware the area around River Woods can be very dark especially during the winter months. *191 Vision can be compromised by the rising or setting sun. Reflective clothing, flashlights would assist your neighbors in seeing you.


Vendor Contact:

Please check the River Woods website at for Vendor Contacts if you are in the need of service.


Emergency Situations: If you have an emergency you may email: river_woods@comcast net. Please give your unit number, name and telephone number as well as what the emergency is. This email is monitored periodically on nights and weekends.


Don’t forget – This is a Villager for December and January so there are four-unit numbers hiding with *asterisks* in this Villager. Find yours and call the office to win a Gift Certificate!   


The Board of Directors, Kimberly & the Crew would like to wish everyone a safe and Happy Holiday Season!!

River Woods homes were built in the early 70’s and original materials may be found to contain asbestos. Read on to find out a bit more information…. Where Is Asbestos Commonly Found in The Home, When and How Should It be Removed?

Most products made today do not contain asbestos. Those few products made which still contain asbestos that could be inhaled are required to be labeled as such. However, until the 1970s, many types of building products and insulation materials used in homes contained asbestos. 

Asbestos was mined and used commercially in North America beginning in the late 1800s. Its use increased greatly during World War II. Since then, it has been used in many industries. For example, the building and construction industry has used it for strengthening cement and plastics as well as for insulation, fireproofing, and sound absorption. The shipbuilding industry has used asbestos to insulate boilers, steam pipes, and hot water pipes. The automotive industry uses asbestos in vehicle brake shoes and clutch pads. More than 5,000 products contain or have contained asbestos.

In the late 1970s, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) banned the use of asbestos in wallboard patching compounds and gas fireplaces because the asbestos fibers in these products could be released into the environment during use. Additionally, asbestos was voluntarily withdrawn by manufacturers of electric hair dryers. In 1989, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) banned all new uses of asbestos; uses established prior to 1989 are still allowed. The EPA has established regulations that require school systems to inspect for damaged asbestos and to eliminate or reduce the exposure to occupants by removing the asbestos or encasing it. In June 2000, the CPSC concluded that the risk of childrens exposure to asbestos fibers in crayons was extremely low. However, the U.S. manufacturers of these crayons agreed to reformulate their products within a year. In August 2000, the EPA recommended that consumers reduce possible asbestos exposure from vermiculite-containing garden products by limiting the amount of dust produced during use. The EPA suggested that consumers use vermiculite outdoors or in a well-ventilated area; keep vermiculite damp while using it; avoid bringing dust from vermiculite use into the home on clothing; and use premixed potting soil, which is less likely to generate dust.

The regulations described above and other actions, coupled with widespread public concern about the hazards of asbestos, have resulted in a significant annual decline in U.S. use of asbestos: Domestic consumption of asbestos amounted to about 719,000 metric tons in 1973, but it had dropped to about 9,000 metric tons by 2002. Asbestos is currently used most frequently in gaskets and in roofing and friction products.

Common Home Building Products That May Contain Asbestos

Common products that might have contained asbestos in the past, and conditions which may release fibers, include:

·         STEAM PIPES, BOILERS, and FURNACE DUCTS insulated with an asbestos blanket or asbestos paper tape. These materials may release asbestos fibers if damaged, repaired, or removed improperly.

·         RESILIENT FLOOR TILES (vinyl asbestos, asphalt, and rubber), the backing on VINYL SHEET FLOORING, and ADHESIVES used for installing floor tile. Sanding tiles can release fibers. So may scraping or sanding the backing of sheet flooring during removal.

·         CEMENT SHEET, MILLBOARD, and PAPER used as insulation around furnaces and woodburning stoves. Repairing or removing appliances may release asbestos fibers. So may cutting, tearing, sanding, drilling, or sawing insulation.

·         DOOR GASKETS in furnaces, wood stoves, and coal stoves. Worn seals can release asbestos fibers during use.

·         SOUNDPROOFING OR DECORATIVE MATERIAL sprayed on walls and ceilings. Loose, crumbly, or water-damaged material may release fibers. So will sanding, drilling, or scraping the material.

·         PATCHING AND JOINT COMPOUNDS for walls and ceilings, and TEXTURED PAINTS. Sanding, scraping, or drilling these surfaces may release asbestos.

·         ASBESTOS CEMENT ROOFING, SHINGLES, and SIDING. These products are not likely to release asbestos fibers unless sawed, dilled, or cut.

·         ARTIFICIAL ASHES AND EMBERS sold for use in gas-fired fireplaces. Also, other older household products such as FIREPROOF GLOVES, STOVE-TOP PADS, IRONING BOARD COVERS, and certain HAIRDRYERS.


How to Know if it IS Asbestos

Despite what some fraudsters may tell you, it is not possible to identify asbestos just by looking at it. It can only be positively identified by a person trained in fiber identification with a special polarized light microscope. There are certified labs throughout the country that can identify asbestos in building materials (see attached list). Contact a lab to find out how the sample should be collected and sent for testing. It is usually not an expensive test and typically should cost about $35 per sample.

Do NOT try to take samples yourself unless specifically instructed how to do so - you don't want to risk exposure to the airborne fibers by disturbing it without taking the proper precautions.

Why You Should Not Disturb Asbestos Unnecessarily

Asbestos fibers can have serious effects on your health if inhaled. There is no known safe exposure to asbestos. The greater the exposure, the greater the risk of developing an asbestos-related disease. 

The amount of time between exposure to asbestos and the first signs of disease can be as much as 30 years. It is known that smokers exposed to asbestos have a much greater chance of developing lung cancer than just from smoking alone. 

Asbestos can cause asbestosis, a scarring of the lungs that leads to breathing problems and heart failure. Workers who manufacture or use asbestos products and have high exposures to asbestos are often affected with asbestosis. 

Inhalation of asbestos can also cause lung cancer and 
mesothelioma, a rare cancer of the lining of the chest and abdomen lining. It may be linked to cancer of the stomach, intestines, and rectum, as well.




 334 River Woods Lane Burnsville, MN 55337

 November 2018

PH 952-894-4368 Fax 952-808-6900   Email:   Hours Mon-Thurs 9-4   Fri 9-12 

Reminder - November Fees: Your fee amount effective 11-1-2018 is $299.00. Envelopes have been delivered to those who requested them. PLEASE be sure to put your unit number on the outside of your envelopes. More frequently we have received them empty and have no one to contact.

Hot Topics: Insurance - October 31st is the end of the fiscal year.  All accounts should be caught up, all insurance was due September 2018. Currently there is $9,500 due in past due insurance. Delinquent accounts have or will be turned over to legal. This will result in additional charges onto accounts. The cost for conciliation court filing is over $500 and foreclosure process is well over $2500! Owners that have made an arrangement with the office are not included in the legal process. Please be sure to check that your insurance account is paid.

 Website: Do you know your River Woods HOA website? It is Be sure to familiarize yourself with the site as there is so much information available; vendors, documents, past issues of the Villager, meeting minutes, calendar of important events for each month and much more!

 Vacant Units: Please be sure to notify the office if you know a unit is vacated. It is extremely important we maintain heat so the water pipes in the whole building do not freeze.

 Note about Leaves: Piles of leaves will compost and kill the grass. Please do not rake the leaves into piles. The grounds crew is making their rounds multiple times throughout the month of November as the trees drop leaves. Weather permitting!

 Winter Reminder: It is time to make sure your outside water has been turned off from the inside. It is good to leave the outside faucet open a bit to be sure all water is drained out. This may prevent a burst pipe in your unit which could cause major damage. Water/sewer damage deductible is $15,000.00 and you should have an HO6 policy that covers the deductible. Be sure your fireplace has been cleaned to prevent injury, fire or even death due to carbon monoxide. Check to insure the flue is open and the draft is going out. Change the batteries in your smoke/fire detectors as well as carbon monoxide detector. No exterior plastic or coverings can be put on windows or doors.

 Shoveling Reminder: Owners who have roof/deck shoveling done by the Association will need to move all deck items to one side. All breakables are to be removed. Also, ground items such as solar lights, lawn ornaments, planters etc. will need to be removed by driveways, garage doors, and sidewalks. *320 Our crews cannot be responsible for any broken items while trying to shovel or plow. Please complete by 11/15/2018.

 ACH: If you do not want to write a check again just sign up for ACH and we will withdraw it on the 1st of each month. Any questions please call the office and we will help you understand the process. You may also escrow (pre-pay) your insurance premium for the upcoming year on ACH.

 Roof, Deck and Patios:  You may hire the grounds crew to clear your roof, deck and or patio. You may email the office or put in writing and drop off your request to be on this year’s deck, roof and/or patio clearing list. You will be billed per man hour ($25) decks/patio and ($35) roofs, it will not be negotiable. You will need to sign up and agree to the cost on the memo you send in, email or drop box. Please state unit number, name and that you would like to hire River Woods to do snow removal and agree to the $25 per man hour rate for decks or the $35 per man hour rate for roof clearing and will be billed monthly. Please do not call, this needs to be in writing.

Ice Dams: No owner or contactor is allowed on the roofs for any reason without prior approval from the office. No contractor or owner will be allowed to roof rake to clear ice dams due to liabilities and damage caused to roofs. Call the office if you have issues and we will schedule the removal of snow and ice and you will be billed at a $35 per man hour rate! Reminder – there is a $15,000 deductible for water damage – be sure you have HO6 coverage for this! If any unit reports water from a neighboring unit – the ice dam will be cleared and the unit causing the damage will be billed!

 Gutters:  Gutters are installed by homeowners; they must be cleaned by homeowners. They are not effective unless you keep them clean. If your gutters are not cleaned they may be causing an issue for your neighbor(s). If you are unable to clean your gutters, call the office to be put on the list for November’s gutter cleaning at $25 per man hour. The usual cost of gutter cleaning is from $10-$20. *225 If your gutters are filled and you do not sign up for cleaning, if a neighbor is having water issues because of your gutters, they will be cleaned, and you will be billed.

 Pets: Grounds crew will not perform fall cleanup for any unit that has dog defecation remaining on the lawn. Dog poo is to be picked up immediately per city ordinance and Association regulation. Fines will be charged per day and will be added your account for each day an owner fails to clean up their yard.

 Paint: If you received paint for a project this spring/summer, please return any leftovers to the River Woods Office as soon as possible.  Do not return frozen paint cans in the winter.

 Coyotes: Coyotes are a part of wildlife in River Woods and the Burnsville area. Attached you will find a link from the City of Burnsville with helpful do’s and don’ts. There is also a link at the bottom of that page where you can log coyote sightings. 

Don’t Forget! Every month we will hide two-unit numbers here in the Villager. If you find your unit number with an * asterisk, call or email the River Woods office by November 15th to claim your gift certificate. Happy Reading!!!


Happy Thanksgiving! We wish everyone a safe and happy holiday with friends and family.