• **Notice to Closing Agents**

Requests for all disclosures,
closing & title paperwork requires up to a two week turnaround. 

Requests received on or after 11/06/2019 will not be processed until after 11/18/2019. There will be no packets issued between 12/13/2019  through 12/30/2019. 

Master Insurance Policy Reminder

To Owners, Agents & Prospective Buyers

The Master insurance premium is NOT included in the monthly association fees. It is billed separately, to each individual unit in August. Bills will be received from Kraus Anderson Insurance. 

Contact the office if you have any questions. 


Please ensure your HO6 policy for your personal contents also covers the $15,000 deductible for water loss and sewer as well as $5,000 deductible for all other losses.

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