Pool Rules

1. A pool tag is required for admittance to the pool area. A tag is used to identify authorized* residents for River Woods and their guests; and to prevent 'outsiders' from using our facility. Tags must be turned into the pool monitor when entering the pool area and will be returned when you leave. Each River Woods owner is allowed to bring in two guests at a time. Unit owners must remain present with guests at all times. Pre approved group parties are allowed.

2. Children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult (18 or older). State law (MHD_115.Q.5) and local laws state. . . 'children shall not use the pool without an adult in attendance'. It is not the responsibility of the HOA to provide a baby-sitting service for unattended children, and it is inconsiderate for parents to impose upon other residents and neighbors.

3. No Running or Horseplay Permitted. Stat law (MDH-115-U.1dd) and local laws state, 'No running . . . or rough play . . . shall be permitted in the pool, on the runways . . . etc . . . ' Aside from being unsafe, it is discourteous to fellow swimmers.

4. No Glass in Pool Area. State law (MHD-115-U.1.dd) and local laws state that . . . 'Glassware and similar materials having tendency to shatter upon impact shall not be allowed within the pool enclosure'.

5. No large Buoyant Objects in the pool area.. Playing games with balls, frisbees, and other toys infringes upon the rights of the other swimmers. The use of water wings, life jackets and kick boards to aid swimmers and children are permitted.

6. Water toys in wading pool area only.

7. Proper swim attire must be worn. Attire other than swimming suits will not be permitted. No cut offs - the threads from cut-offs clog the filters in the pool. No colored t-shirts.

8. No excessive noise in the pool area. This rule is a courtesy to others in the pool area as well as to the families that live adjacent to the pool facilities.

9. No Pets in pool area. Dogs or other animals found in the pool area will be secured and turned over to the public safety department.

10. Pool is open from 10:00am to 8:30pm. Due to excessive vandalism, anyone in the pool area after these hours will be arrested for trespassing. The 10:00am opening allows time for the pool to be thoroughly cleaned each day before anyone goes swimming.

11. No Alcohol or illegal drugs allowed. This rule is to avoid accidents and problems in the pool area and on common grounds.

Penalties for Pool Violations:

1. Immediate ejection from the pool area

2. Confiscation of pool tag for flagrant or repeated violations

3. Suspension of the use of facilities for up to 60 days

*Authorized residents are those in good standing. The use of the tennis courts or pool facilities will be suspended to those residents who violate HOA rules and regulations or who are in arrears of their monthly payments.