Parking Rules

Parking Restrictions Violations Procedure

Special areas have been set-aside for Guest Parking! Use of these areas by the Homeowners or

residents to park Vans, Campers, Boats, Trailers, Business Vehicles, Cars or the like is NOT

permitted. All vehicles parked on Common Property (including roadways, vegetated areas,

driving lanes, or on driveways belonging to Common Property) are subject to the following:

1. Vehicles in violation will be tagged or towed by a member of the Board of Directors,

towing company, the A.C.C., the Maintenance Committee, or by an Association

Employee. Some violations are immediate towing – such as parking in a fire lane,

common driving lane, on grass or grounds and blocking another driveway.

2. If the vehicle has not been moved within 12 hours, or if the vehicle returns anytime after

being tagged, it will be subject to being towed away at owner’s expense, and/or

assessed a $10.00 a day fine.

3. If removal of the vehicle by the Association’s Agent is interfered with, the resident will be

liable for costs incurred.

4. Vehicles parked in roadways of driving lanes and or causing an obstruction during

periods of snow removal and or Grounds Maintenance may be towed away without

notice at owner’s expense.

5. No Vehicle maintenance, repair, or refinishing is allowed anywhere in River Woods.

PARKING/TOWING: No rules or documents have changed! The difference being it is patrolled day, night & weekends. For those of you abusing any part of this rule, it has been an adjustment. This is the information you need to know.

The only place a resident may park is in the garage or in front of their garage door. For certain residents, this means only one vehicle can fit in front of the garage and it must be parked sideways as to not impede in the driving lane. Most residents have two car garages, so up to two vehicles may park in front of the garage door - if they do not impede in the driving lane or your neighbors driveway. Any violation will be towed immediately.

Guests may park in the residence driveway or a guest parking location (marked as guest parking).

At no time may a vehicle be parked anywhere else. This includes anywhere along the driving lane.

At no time may a logo/work vehicle be parked in River Woods, unless working at a specific unit. This is any vehicle with business information on it.

No boats, trailers or recreational vehicles may be parked in River Woods. You may get temporary approval for loading and unloading, along with prepping it for the season. This must be approved in advance by the office.

Winter rules – all vehicles must be removed from guest parking during snow falls, so snow can be pushed through those areas. Please have them put the cars in front of your garage and the plows will clean up the area after the first round of snow has been removed.

If you have a guest that will be staying overnight please do not call it in. If you have a guest for two or more nights, please call it in to the office with License Plate number, state, make and color of car. Please include a start & end date of the visit. Any visitor of more than 1 week needs approval from the office to use guest parking - this is not a long term parking area.


Captains Towing: 1800 Highway 13 West - Burnsville, MN 55337