Finance Committee



· Chair shall be a member of the board and report to the board at regular meetings the updates of the committee.

· Advise board of large scope matters and decisions of maintenance, repair and improvements of the common grounds, properties and facilities of the association.

· A periodic review of the Insurance coverage afforded the association and advise the board of recommended adjustments. Board will direct manager of approved changes.

· Shall review maintenance budget if there are issues, recommend solutions to the board.

· Prepare suggested changes in annual maintenance and pool budget by June.

· Select recommended vendor for services bid outside of association abilities, brought to this committee by the GM and recommend chosen contractor.

******** All members of this committee must have served on the Architectural committee for 2 year minimum before you may be recommended for this committee. A full awareness of the whole association is needed to make appropriate decisions for the association.

Finance Committee Members:

#321 Don Picard

#156 Anna Goyette

#25 Dave Wahlstrom