Architectural/Maintenance Committee



AREA 1 10-95 Dave

AREA 2 96-161 Anna and Karyn

AREA 3 162 - 213 Becky

AREA 4 2214-229 MARK

AREA 5 318-333 Mark

AREA 6 230-273 Brad

AREA 7 274-317 DIANE

Chair shall be a member of the board and report to the board at regular meetings the updates of the committee.

  • Advise board of large scope matters and decisions of architectural, repair and improvements of the homes, common grounds, properties and facilities of the association.

  • The committee will review ACC requests that are not standard for approval or denial.

  • The committee will review completed work for final approval.

  • The committee will update and create new specifications as needed.

  • The GM will approve any approved standard specification.

**** Any owner who would like to serve on Finance or the Board of Directors must be on this committee for 2+ years first.