Maintenance & Common Ground Committee

Advises the Board of Directors on all matters pertaining to the maintenance, repair and improvement of common grounds. The committee consists of a homeowner representing each area. If you have any questions or suggestions regarding maintenance, we would appreciate your calling the office or the Area Representative. The committee is also responsible for being familiar with the overall architectural plan for the community and for recommending to the board approval or disapproval of any additions or alterations to the exteriors and common grounds. See enclosed “Guidelines for the Exteriors and Common Grounds

******** All members of these two committees must have served on the Architectural committee for 2 year minimum before you may be recommended for these committees. A full awareness of the whole association is needed to make appropriate decisions for the association.

Correspondence for the Committee Members should be directed through the Association office. 

Finance Committee Members
#321 Don Picard

Architectural Committee
Board Rep & Recorder
    Anna Goyette  

General Manger
    Kimberly G.  

Area Representatives
Chair Person Anna Goyette

I (010-095)  Dave Wahlstrom

II (096-161) Anna Goyette & Karyn Zwieg     

III (162-213)  Becky Phillips
IV (214-229) Mark Heaner

V (230-273)Brad Ihrke
VI (274-317)Diane Woods

Mark Heaner                       


Long Range Planning Committee

Meets as necessary to discuss needs of the HOA, possible solutions, and an orderly cost conscious way to meet these needs. Recommendations are sent to the Board for consideration.

ChairDon Picard #321
Members  Anna Goyette

April Bowen


Nominating Committee

Meets twice to plan the Annual Meeting and submit the Annual Meeting Packet, including the nominations for the Board of Directors.

Chair Anna Goyette
Recorder Kimberly G

Member Dave Walhstrom